My Red experience

To be honest, most of the show (While I was dancing and having a great time), I was just waiting for her to go back from the B-Stage cause I was RIGHT there next the the sound booth and I just wanted to hug her and then she FLEW. AWAY. Idk but it felt like a personal betrayal. She was carried, but she got to touch other people and she just left half an audience there wanting…..that really just pissed. me. off. And I didn’t like the IKYWT trouble performance was the same from the Brits. I mean, it’s a great performance, but I felt like there could’ve been more to it as a tour show.

BUT WHEN SHE SANG ALL TOO WELL. I mean, I knew she’d sing it but something happened and every emotion I had about my most recent breakup, it was like a kaleidoscope of memories and they all just came rushing back. But he never did. And I lost my mind and I was scream/crying the lyrics and bawling my eyes out and people were staring at me but I really couldn’t do anything to fix it. It was like I was home in my room and it was just me and Taylor, getting through it together. And THAT, my friends, is why I love Taylor Swift.

The concert wasn’t as whimsical or lighthearted as Speak Now was, and, I hope this was just cause it was the first night. She seemed extra rehearsed and “Yeah, I’m Taylor Swift, you all worship me and I just love my cat,” so I hope she loosens up in the next shows but overall, it was incredible and I’m glad I saw her for the first show. PLEASE JUST PULL OUT SAD BEAUTIFUL TRAGIC SOMETIME, PLEASE! Yeah, and I wish she would’ve done an encore with like Tim McGraw and something cause I felt like I got half a concert. She sang great songs and put on a show but I felt like I was missing something. Maybe I’m just bitter that I was so close and she just flew away. Whateevvver. 

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